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Okay, Andrew is just hot. It's also so disgusting how multi-talented he is. I mean, not to mention that he's lived in several countries in his life, but he's a graphic designer, a carpenter, a model, a surfer, has had several of his own companies, and also seems to be good at anything else he tries, i.e. skateboarding as seen in a recent episode. He's nearly perfect, geez!

He's just GOT TO have a huge ego.... no?
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I'm going to marry that man...*sighs*
I had heard a rumor that he was married and the marriage was on the rocks.. that was several months ago, at least. But that doesn't seem true (that he's married). Know anything about that?

I know a lot of girls who are shocked to hear he's 38. Heh. Perfect for ME! ;-)
Yesterday on Oprah he said that he had a girlfriend. :(